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Colonel David R. McClean (Ret), MA, BS, BB

Instructor David McClean

Colonel David R. McClean (Retired) is currently President of Allons Consulting Group, LLC and Allons Business Solutions LLC. He has over 27 years of logistics experience, with a professional background in strategic planning, training and education, process improvement, logistics management, and organizational development. Mr. McClean has held leadership and director positions throughout his military and business career. He is an expert in all aspects of supply chain management and surface transportation. He is a results-oriented management professional with proven results in strategic and operational planning, project management, process management, development of policy, and workplace training and education plans/programs. He has authored the book Strategic Planning: As Simple as A, B, C which is endorsed by several general officers, CEOs, and business executives.

Mr. McClean is repeatedly recognized as the leader you want on your team in high-pressure situations due to calm thinking, clarity and honesty, and the ability to work through difficult situations in an expedited and efficient manner ensuring mission success.

Mr. McClean has multiple experiences in building organizations focusing on a particular goal by instituting exceptional teaching, coaching, and mentoring that can develop any size organization into a focused, cohesive, professional team. He is a strategic planner with vast experience developing organizational vision, core competencies, goals, and metrics for inclusion in master planning and operational execution. Through his Six Sigma qualifications, he developed numerous new initiatives that refocused daily requirements and fused them into opportunities to improve business processes, reduce operating cost, and set long term strategic goals into motion that provide new and persistent benefits for organizations.

Mr. McClean is a highly accomplished, decisive leader, with a solid reputation for being a catalyst for positive change, and for pioneering efforts to utilize best management practices to develop the essential workforce for long-term success. Mr. McClean graduated from Central Michigan University with a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Structural Engineering from West Virginia University. He is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Program Management Professional. Additionally, Mr. McClean graduated several Program Management courses from Villanova University.

Mr. McClean is published and the recipient of numerous awards, decorations, and a member of the Worldwide Who’s Who