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Policy and Certification

Our Policy: Allons Business Solutions encourage the best, most cost-effective education practices and direct actions to help students learn and grow.

Allons Business Solutions LLC maintains the highest standards in our training, certifications, and in conducting all business transactions. Please use the links below to review our policies and terms and service agreement.

Once you have satisfied the eligibility criteria you can submit your application online via our application form on this website. Each application will be put through a random audit to ensure our certification requirements are met.

After the application approval, the CSP exam needs to be completed within our online testing center. The computer-based exam allows you to receive your preliminary score immediately. The official score will arrive via email within three (3) business days. Upon passing, you will be issued a CSP certificate that is valid for a period of four years. In order to maintain your CSP certification, you must recertify every four (4) years.

The matrix below outlines the eligibility requirements:

Allons Certification Process Chart

Requirement Details

Strategic Planning Experience

The strategic planning experience must be involved in or facilitating strategic planning projects within the last 10 years to be counted on the CSP application. Acceptable experience also includes: strategic management, and any involvement developing and implementing strategic plans. Additionally, the strategic planning experience should accumulate 280 hours with a four-year degree or 380 hours with an ancillary degree. For example, four hours per day for eight weeks developing a strategic plan equates to 160 hours.

Formal Education

At a minimum you must have an ancillary diploma or a degree. An ancillary degree is defined as a high school diploma, associate degree, or equivalent. You must provide the name of the institution, the year graduated, and major area of studies.

Strategic Planning Education

You will need to show 24 hours of strategic planning education, preferably covering: conducting an analysis, visioning, developing goals and objectives, teambuilding, and strategic plan implementation. Our inclusive online course Essentials of Strategic Planning Course automatically meets this requirement. We highly encourage taking this course to facilitate passing the exam.

CSP Certification Application Process

You can submit your CSP application on the Allons Business Solutions (ABS) website. You will need to submit the following information: Account Information, Education, Strategic Planning Experience, and Strategic Planning Education.

Account Information

Formal Education

Strategic Planning Experience

Complete the following for occasions you participated in each Strategic Planning Project/Strategic Plan Development. You must have participated in at least 280 hours (4-year degree) or 380 hours (with Ancillary degree) in this area:

Strategic Planning Education

Certification Requirement

Provide full name for Certificate

Approval & Eligibility Period

It generally takes ABS five (5) business days or less to review your application and respond. Once your application is approved, you will receive an invitation to pay for and schedule the exam. Scheduling the exam is done on the ABS website. You will have six (6) months to take the exam after your application has been approved and may take the exam up to three (3) times during the eligibility period.

CSP Examination Process

Scheduling the Exam

Once you have been approved to take the CSP certification exam, you will need to schedule, take, and pass the test. You will need the testing code ABS has provided to successfully schedule your exam.

The CSP Exam

The CSP Exam is taken online and is approximately 200 questions with a 4-hour time limit. You are required to pass 85% of these questions to pass the exam. The questions are broken down into five groups based on: Course Essentials of Strategic Planning, and the book, Strategic Planning as Simple as A, B, C. The groups are: Getting Started (11%), Environmental Scan and Analysis (23%), Writing the Plan (26%), Implementing the Plan (25%). and Measure Performance (15%). This is a computer-based exam allowing you to receive your score immediately.

If your test results show that you received a passing score in each of the 5 process groups, congratulations! You are now a Certified Strategic Planner (CSP)! You may use the CSP credential immediately for the next four years!

Exam Failure

The CSP Certification exam is a difficult exam and non-passing scores are no need for concern. If you have failed an attempt it is extremely important not to get discouraged. You have three (3) attempts per year to pass the CSP certification exam. Here are some steps you can take to get ready for your next attempt:


In order to maintain your certification, you must retake the certification exam every four (4) years. This allows you to remain current in all aspects pertaining to strategic planning.

CSP Application Audit Process

It is extremely important that you do not falsify any of the information in your application. Our random audit process requires anyone being audited to present evidence to validate all information submitted with their application. Falsifying application documentation will result in banishment from all future attempts to obtain your certification.

Why Does ABS Audit CSP Applications?

In order to maintain the integrity of the CSP Certification and enhance the credibility of CSP Certification holders, Allons Business Solutions (ABS) routinely conducts random audits of a certain percentage of the CSP exam applications. Although ABS do not publish what percentage gets audited, historically, we audit approximately four or five out of every ten applications. Our application is simple and straightforward, we are available to provide any required assistance.


Generally, you will not know you are audited until we accept your application and you have been authorized to pay. Once you complete the payment, you will be informed via email if you have been selected as an audit candidate. If you receive an email with an approval code, then you have not been audited and can schedule your CSP exam at your convenience.

The auditing process it is not a long intrusive process. Once ABS inform you of your audit you will be allowed to answer questions in order to clarify any audit questions or concerns. We will provide specific instructions for providing verification for the various items submitted with your CSP application. You may be required to provide proof of the following items:


Strategic Planning Education

Strategic Planning Experience

Audit Approval Process

ABS takes five (5) business days or fewer to approve the application.