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Complete Steps One through Five for Certification

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Enter all of the required information. Account information is used for application for certification to contact students with information on application certification audit along with notification of certification testing status. This information is only used by See the privacy statement on the web site. All steps must be completed before moving to step two.

At a minimum you must have an ancillary diploma or a degree. An ancillary degree is defined as a high school diploma, associate degree, or equivalent. You must provide the name of the institution, the year graduated, and major area of studies of your highest degree or certification to be certified by Allons Business Solutions LLC. If you possess more than one degree, only annotate your highest level of education

The strategic planning experience must be involved in or facilitating strategic planning projects within the last 10 years to be counted on the CSP application. Acceptable experience also includes: strategic management, and any involvement developing and implementing strategic plans. Additionally, the strategic planning experience should accumulate 480 hours with a four-year degree or 700 hours with an ancillary degree. For example, four hours per day for eight weeks developing a strategic plan equates to 160 hours.

You will need to show 24 hours of strategic planning education, preferably covering: conducting an analysis, visioning, developing goals and objectives, team building, and strategic plan implementation. Our inclusive online course Essentials of Strategic Planning Course automatically meets this requirement. We highly encourage taking this course to facilitate passing the exam.

To become certified by Allons Business Solutions LLC you must accept the terms and conditions and submit your application for audit and review. Note: Audit of your application can take up to five business days. For questions, please review to the web site.