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Organizations are increasingly faced with complex transformation situations that emerge rapidly. The pressure of global competition, emerging technologies, shifting educational preferences, and uncertain economic trends, necessitates organizations to map a comprehensive strategy to keep in step and ahead of uncertainty. It is more important now than ever before to have a clear and executable strategy for the organizations to embark on its initiative to create a strategic plan that includes organizational strategy, leadership, and community engagement to teach and educate the public its stakeholders.

The Essentials of Strategic Planning course explores some of the basic theories, models, and concepts from the fields of strategy, planning, and implementation. The course begins with a consideration of a basic models, subsequently progressing to the development and execution of a strategic plan.

During this course we will execute a project work plan and produce a strategic plan document to put into place to design and develop a plan of action and milestones (POAM) that further develops, improves, and move goals and initiatives forward to successful employment.

There are no prerequisites for taking this course.

What's Included

  • 2019 2nd Edition of Strategic Planning as Simple as ABC textbook
  • All Textbook downloads to include:
    • Graphics
    • Sample Surveys
    • Sample Meeting Agenda and Minutes
    • Six month project Plan
    • All Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents in the textbook
    • Sample Leadership and Team Meeting and more...
  • One year free strategic planning consulting from the author and instructor from date of enrollment
  • One day response on technical and course questions

Purpose of this Course

Develop your ability to think strategically, analyze the competitive environment, and recommend firm positioning and strategic vision.

In this course, we will explore the underlying theory and frameworks that provide the foundations of developing a successful strategic plan and provide the tools you need to implement that strategy. It provides exercises, tasks, and activities that will promote and enhance your strategic planning skills and breaks down planning into discrete, manageable tasks making the strategic planning process easier to grasp, develop, and implement a strategic plan.

Course Description

The Essentials of Strategic Planning is an online course.

In helping carry out that idea, the author will be your personal strategic planning consultant, explaining every step you take, from your first meeting to delivering and implementing your final plan.Our staff will provide all the supporting documents and briefings you will need, in an editable format, for every step of your journey.

The course is structured for self-paced learning. Ideally you should complete the course within four weeks or less.There are eight modules and should be taken in the order presented throughout the course. Each module consists of individual lesson plans. Most important, to derive the full benefit from the course you must use the accompanying text (Strategic Planning as Simple as ABC) and follow the reading assignments.

The textbook is included with your paid course application.

Course Modules

MODULE ONE: Discusses the basics of strategic planning. Will look at what is strategic planning and what is a strategic plan and why some plans fail.

MODULE TWO: Discusses the heart of our strategic planning methodology. We will discuss our five phased method approach and how to utilize the strategic precision model as the roadmaps to develop your plan.

MODULE THREE: Provide instructions on some of the management functions required to develop and implement your plan. We will work through developing a proposed six-month project plan. As well as developing and providing leadership briefings and selecting and developing your strategic planning teams.

MODULE FOUR (Parts 1 and 2): Teaches you how to conduct an environmental scan and conduct analysis on the organization’s mission, vision values, and guiding principles. We will also look at stakeholders and their importance to you in developing your strategic plan. Additionally, we will spend a good bit of time on assessment-based tools such as surveys, SWOT analysis and gap analysis. Module four also includes nine exercises that are designed to teach you how to assess and analyze your environment.

MODULE FIVE(Parts 1 and 2): Examines the process for preparing and executing your focus group offsite. This module allows you to develop goals and objectives and align them to the organization’s mission and vision.

MODULE SIX: We put it all together by producing the strategic plan document, communicating and disseminating the plan, and developing actions and milestones to implement the plan.

MODULE SEVEN: Focuses on performance measurement. We will discuss the selection of program managers who execute the action plans as well as the organization providing resources to ensure successful implementation of the strategic plan’s goals and objectives. We examine performance measures by using balanced scorecards.

MODULE Eight: This module looks at the steps necessary to review the strategic plan implementation. We will discuss the Balanced and Interim Progress Reviews.

Course Schedule

Week 1, MODULE 1: Introduction to Strategic Planning

WEEK 1, MODULE 2: The Approach; A Five Phased Plan

WEEK 1, MODULE 3: Getting Started

WEEK 2, MODULE 4: Discover the Baseline (Parts 1 and 2)

WEEK 3, MODULE 5: Determine the Azimuth (Parts 1 and 2)

WEEK 4, MODULE 6: Convert Strategy into Operations

WEEK 4, MODULE 7: Employ Change

WEEK 4, MODULE 8: Measure and Maintain